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2017 Poland Tour - Swan Lake.

Date City Venue
26th November 2017 Gydnia Arena Gdynia
27th November 2017 Poznan Sala Ziemi
28th November 2017 Zabrze Dom Muzyki i Tanca
29th November 2017 Krakow TAURON Arena
30th November 2017 Warsaw Torwar

2017 Czech Republic Á Slovakia Tour - Swan Lake

Date City Venue
2-12-17 Ostrava GONG
4-12-17 Bratislava Incheba Expo Centre
6-12-17 Prague Congress Centre

2018 Holland Tour - Swan Lake

Date City Venue Box Office
13-03-18 Helmond Theater Speelhuis 0492 58 70 00
14-03-18 Bergeyk Theater de Kattendans 0497 57 56 20
16-03-18 Stadskanaal Theater Geert Teis 0599 63 17 31
19-03-18 Emmeloord Theater ‘t Voorhuys 0527 69 99 07
22-03-18 Assen De Bonte Wever 0592 35 60 00
23-03-18 Wageningen Junushoff Theater 0317 46 55 00
24-03-18 Den Helder De Kampanje 0223 67 46 64
25-03-18 Spijkenisse Theater de Stoep 0181 65 22 22

2017 Holland Tour - the Sleeping Beauty.

Date City Venue Box Office
15-03-18 Veldhoven Theater De Schalm 040 253 35 78
17-03-18 Heerhugowaard Cool kunst en cultuur 072 571 68 79
18-03-18 Alphen aan den Rijn Theater Castellum 0172 42 92 92
20-03-18 Schiedam Theater aan de Schie 010 246 74 67
21-03-18 Harderwijk Theater Harderwijk 0341 41 64 47

The Royal Moscow Ballet Presents

The Sleeping Beauty

In a glorious kingdom, the Queen gives birth to the beautiful Princess Aurora. Everyone in the kingdom is invited to the christening - everyone apart from the evil fairy Carabosse.
Carabosse is so angry not to be invited that she places a curse on the Princess that, on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. The beautiful Lilac Fairy alters the curse so that Aurora will not die but will fall asleep for 100 years, only to be awoken by True Love's Kiss.
Sure enough, on Aurora's 16th birthday, Carabosse smuggles a spinning wheel into the party and the Princess pricks her finger and falls asleep. A forest of thorns grows up around the palace.
100 years later, a handsome Prince is searching for true love and the Lilac Fairy takes him to the Princess. He fights his way through the thorns and wakes her with a kiss.
The Prince and Princess celebrate their marriage with all their fairytale friends and live happily ever after.

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presentation to the Royal Moscow Ballet company for there participation in the Ehdeniyat International Festival , Beirut this July 2015 where they performed Romeo and Juliet

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